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Collaborative Vision – Episode 6: Adam Cegielski – Bringing Beautiful Tools, Systems & Transferability to Vision Therapy

You can sense within moments of the outset of this episode that this conversation was going to be a real treat. Armed with a fascinating educational and work history and an intimate understanding of business, Adam provided a wonderful recount of what originally brought him...

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Collaborative Vision - Samantha Slotnick
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Collaborative Vision Episode 2: Dr. Samantha Slotnick – Honesty breeds trust, and trust builds referrals.

Honesty breeds trust, and trust builds referrals. Dr. Samantha Slotnick has a reputation within the field of Behavioural Optometry that just might be impossible to match. Considered a preeminent thought leader within our profession, her insights into the splendour of our visual system have landed her...

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