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Kelowna Evaluation & Training Centre

Dr. Paul Rollett, OD, FCOVD*
* Board certified in vision development & rehabilitation

Vision Therapy and neuro-visual rehabilitation have been Dr. Rollett’s optometric passion since the beginning of his career back in 2011. Suffering from a condition known as convergence insufficiency throughout his schooling years, he has personally experienced the immense benefits of the very services that Okanagan Vision Therapy provides. After completing hundreds of hours of continuing education in this field and initially offering Vision Therapy in Newfoundland, his 2013 move to the Okanagan gave him the exciting opportunity to bring these services to interior BC. Dr. Rollett has seen firsthand the importance of Vision Therapy and developmental optometry for so many (testimonials) and has made it his career’s goal to continue to expand awareness and ensure that Vision Therapy is made available to those in need.

Okanagan Vision Therapy: Dr.Paul Rollett

Dr. Daniel Walker, OD

Dr. Daniel Walker comes to us with extensive post-graduate training in the area of Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation – and also brings with him the valley’s most comprehensive knowledge and background in the area of ocular health and nutrition. As a studying fellow with the Ocular Wellness Nutrition Society (OWNS) – a society dedicated to the role of nutrition on the preservation of vision – Dr. Walker is passionate about using nutrition to help guide positive visual development, prevention and recovery.


Rhonda MacKenzie, PVTAP
Vision Therapist

You are unlikely to find anyone who cares more about the people who walk through our door than Rhonda. From the moment that therapy begins, she is fully invested in the rehabilitative journey and recovery of those that she works with. Outside of the clinic, Rhonda works and volunteers extensively as a mentor in the local quarter horse community. We’ll never truly understand how she wakes at 5am to clean stalls and still manages to maintain her constant smile and positivity!

Okanagan Vision Therapy: Rhonda Kaman

Loreta Dahl, COVT
Vision Therapist

Coming to our clinic with over 5 years of experience in the field of Vision Therapy, there is very little that Loreta isn’t able to take on. Loreta has a gift for developing amazing bonds with those that she works with and invests all of herself into her patient’s recovery. A great resource for challenging cases and an active contributor to our weekly education sessions – she truly is an invaluable member of our team.

Okanagan Vision Therapy: Loreta Dahl

Lizzy Raye, Vision Therapist

Having worked in both the optometric and educational fields, Lizzy is a double threat in the therapy room. Bringing to the team an intimate knowledge of optics and childhood development, she is able to connect with and guide a wide variety of clients through their recovery. Lizzy also possesses the office’s only working knowledge of how social media works, and we couldn’t be more thankful for that!


Maria Burns, Administrative Assistant

If you’re wondering who the pleasant and kind voice on the other end of our phone belongs to, it’s none other than Maria – our administrative guru. After working for years in schools and libraries in her native Scotland, Maria made the move in 2008 with her family here to the Okanagan – and we couldn’t be happier that she did.

Okanagan Vision Therapy: Maria Burns

Sadaf Khatibi, Administrative Assistant

Sadaf is blessed with two of the greatest traits you could ask for on the front desk – warmth and efficiency. Extremely personable and intelligent, she is great at making connections with those around her and is immensely valuable for keeping this OVT ship moving in the right direction.
Nelson Training Centre

Amir Karimi, PVTAP
Vision Therapist

Amir heads up our Nelson BC Training Centre, and is a graduate of UBC with a degree in Psychology. After graduating he experienced the trip of a lifetime exploring South America. Armed with the knowledge that both education and travel can provide, we are now lucky to have Amir as part of the OVT team. His passion for working with children and helping them to grow and thrive is what makes him such an indispensable member of our team. With a calm, cool and collected demeanour, Amir seamlessly connects with just about any personality type. Just try to get him flustered, it’s impossible!
Vernon Training Centre

Kailey Sones, BKin
Vision Therapist

Kailey heads up our Vernon BC Training Centre, and brings with her all the skills necessary to extend kind and empathetic care beyond Kelowna HQ. Extremely knowledgeable in human kinetics and recovery, Kailey is able to draw on a wealth of experience to guide the best results out of each and every one of her clients. She also might be one of the most organized human beings on the planet, making her an incredible asset to our whole operation.


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