At Okanagan Vision Therapy we are committed to working towards the specific goals of those that we see.

We are extremely proud of the hard work displayed week in and week out and feel privileged to share our stories of recovery and success.

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Learning Difficulties

“My son can now read without effort! He can focus, he can take his time and he can keep up to all of his classmates. His whole life has improved for the better! Everyone at Okanagan Vision Therapy is kind and great at helping achieve the goals that need to be met. What a great team!”


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Acquired Brain Injury

“My new glasses are magic! They changed all from seeing double to seeing “normal”. The readers make it possible to read again – thank you! The therapy is fantastic and makes you aware how lucky we are, that all this help is there for us to get. I feel that you look differently at the world and you see things again that were lost after the accident. The vision therapy and the homework are hard work but so worth it. It is really unbelievable what can and does get accomplished!”


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Sports Vision

“We have seen such improvement with Jayke since starting therapy. Overall, his hand eye coordination has by far been the biggest improvement. His ability to focus for longer periods of time without getting headaches has also greatly improved.”


Vision Related Learning Difficulties

Acquired Brain Injury

Sports Vision Training

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