Tools for Online Vision Therapy

Tools for Online Vision Therapy

I read the book “Good to Great” a number of years ago, and remember being struck by a particular chapter referencing the stockdale paradox.

Tools for Online Vision Therapy

I read the book “Good to Great” a number of years ago, and remember being struck by a particular chapter referencing the stockdale paradox. In essence, the message of General Stockdale boils down to the following:


“You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end – which you can never afford to lose – with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.”


Transitioning a full and active in-office client base to online training would test the resilience of just about any team – with ours certainly not exempt. Fortunately, we have been providing high-quality online Vision Training for nearly 4 years now, so this transition has certainly been more manageable for us than it may have been for others. For those peripheral to our industry, I can let you know that providers of Vision Therapy are an extremely resilient and tight-knit group. We fight the same battles, celebrate the same highs and stick together during times of uncertainty and strife. Our team had a bit of a leg up when it came to transitioning to online Vision Therapy with our clients – and as such, we’ve been here to help, guide and share with all those in need.


A few of the tools that have proven challenging for some to acquire on short notice are listed and provided below, for free international access. We have used these tools internally for some while, but now is certainly not the time to be withholding all that could benefit our VT community at large.



Click here to view the platform.

OcuDigital Technologies has recently responded to this crisis by adjusting their NeuroVisual Trainer launch and providing this vision training platform free of charge for the next 3 months. We have been working alongside their developers and donated content to this cause, so that this interruption may minimally impact the thousands of patients across the globe affected by this crisis. This program provides users the ability to assign, adjust and monitor homework from a database of well over 100 interactive activities (many including video) – ensuring that vision therapy is done correctly and with proper frequency. One of the most exciting aspects of this platform is their rapidly growing, user-driven database of content – with more videos (including Primitive Reflex integration), interactive activities and printable content to be uploaded each and every week. In addition, their software will work with any red-blue anaglyph glasses already out in circulation – meaning no additional gear required!


Please note: use of this software requires an overseeing VTOD (Developmental or Behavioural Optometrist), so please reach out to your Vision Therapy provider to inquire about getting set up on their system.



These documents will work well with the majority of anaglyphic (red-green, or red-blue) glasses and home colour printers, however – a disclaimer that results tend to be best when professional printing is arranged, or when the charts are viewed on a computer. The remainder of our team’s anaglyphic printables (Arrows, Directional E’s, Pictures, Shapes, Focus-Fusion Cards and Sports Fixation cards) will all be available for printing via the software platform above. Alternatively, click here to view.


With so many of our clients now working through Vision Therapy programs online, it is important that we all work together to provide tools and a training environment that keep the positive gains progressing forward. As I’ve said a number of times now, we are all in this together – and with the right tools, guidance and resolve, we’ll undoubtedly get through this together.

Until next month,


Paul Rollett, FCOVD

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