At Okanagan Vision Therapy we are committed to working towards the specific goals of those that we see.

We are extremely proud of the hard work displayed week in and week out and feel privileged to share our stories of rehabilitation and improvement.


We’ve noticed an improved ability for Corbin to pay attention in class, to stay focused. He’s also showing improved ability to complete work, with less rushing through. Teachers have sent emails commenting on Corbin’s improvement this year! I also started to notice improved eye contact when conversing with Corbin at around week 5, which makes having talks easier. Thank you for everything. You’ve all shown amazing care and flexibility when working with C.

– Corbin

School work and note taking has improved immensely for me. It has become much easier to switch from screen to screen. I feel my eyes are much stronger and I find it much easier to converge and diverge them when needed. Thank you so much Dr. Rollett and Jamie!

– Taliesan

My son can now read without effort! He can focus, he can take his time and he can keep up to all of his classmates. His whole life has improved for the better! Everyone at Okanagan Vision Therapy is kind and great at helping achieve the goals that need to be met. What a great team!

– Jasper

Max has improved so much with his reading and writing. Before Vision Therapy he was unable to write a word in a straight line and letters were all different sizes. Now, with better vision, he writes amazingly well. Max’s coaches have also noticed a big difference in his sports performance and a huge improvement in his ability to read plays on the field, etc. We are 100% happy with this program and Rhonda. She taught at Max’s level and adjusted when necessary. She was fantastic. Thanks so much!

– Max

We’ve noticed that Vision Therapy has really increased Sophie’s ability to focus with schoolwork. She’s also much better at remembering people’s faces and is no longer falling and tripping the way she used to. She even now enjoys going out and throwing the ball with our dog, which is a huge change. We’ve also noticed improved penmanship and just greater confidence in her overall. Thank you for everything. No changes to your program necessary, everything was perfect!

– Sophie

Jackson’s love for reading has improved 100%! I find his clarity for what he is reading has really improved as well. Thank you for everything! Jackson has enjoyed his time here and loved working with you all.

– Jackson

We have noticed improvements in reading speed and fluency as well as writing speed and clarity of the actual writing itself. We also have noticed improvements in his gross motor skills – track and field has gone surprisingly well and running seems much smoother and more coordinated. Ben’s depth perception with climbing and stairs has also greatly improved. Ben really enjoyed the sessions and all of the games you incorporated helped to make this process very fun!

– Ben

I feel like have improved a lot with my reading, writing and attention. People have been telling me that I’m now looking at them when I’m speaking or being spoken to. There really has been a huge improvement with almost everything that I do now. When I’m on the computer or reading and my eyes get a little sore, I just put my glasses on and it gets better. Almost nothing is going double on me anymore. In the past, I think I was just so used to seeing double that I had started to feel like it was normal. Everyone here is really doing a wonderful job and I really want to thank you for helping me. I think I’d put all of you on my favorite people list!

– Brody

Lochlans’s reading level and spelling has improved immensely during his time doing Vision Therapy. We’ve noticed that he gets far less headaches and is able to focus much better in class and while he is doing homework. We have been very happy with your services here and are really thankful for how much this has improved our son’s vision.

– Lochlan

I feel like I am finally able to control my eyes and am no longer going cross-eyed. I’m really happy that I had this done as I know it will be so helpful to me in my career ahead.

– Cameron

Reading and writing are both so much better! Almost no complaints of double vision anymore. We’ve seen a massive improvement in her focus and concentration and the teachers at school have really noticed a change as well. Things were really fantastic, thanks so much!

– Michelle

I feel as though I’ve improved in all the areas that we set out to work on. My depth perception has gotten better as well as my convergence. I also am feeling as though my vision is much more clear and more precise overall. I’m actually seeing the depth and clarity of the tree branches as I walk past! Thank you for everything!

– Jyssica

I feel like I have improved in so many areas as a result of Vision Therapy. I’m faster at reading and enjoy it much more. I’m able to remember what I read on previous days and don’t need to reread sentences and paragraphs and pages multiple times. I’m also not falling asleep within 15 minutes of starting to read! I am also no longer getting annoyed with my eyes and never feel like I’m losing control of them the way I did before. This is such a big deal for me! I really can’t think of any ways that you could improve your program. It was really great and I’m so happy with my improvement!

– Melissa

Taylor is so happy to realize the improvements that her sessions have had on her vision. It is now much easier for her to read and concentrate on her work at school. Her eyes no longer hurt! Vision Therapy has also made her feel far more confident overall (no small thing). The way you are providing care is very effective and we are so happy that our family eye doctor referred us to Dr. Rollett and Rhonda.

– Taylor

Since starting the program, I haven’t had a single headache. I’m now able to keep my head up and straight while reading and writing. The glasses and the therapy has really helped me when at school and I’m not nearly as fatigued after all the reading and writing that I’ve had to do in high school. I know I’ll be much more prepared for university now!

– Maria

We’ve seen a huge improvement in Madeline’s focus during Vision Therapy which has translated into so many areas of her life (ie: sports, school, etc). Another huge area of improvement since the beginning of Vision Therapy is her willingness to try activities. Whether this is new activities for vision or trying some new math homework at home (she never used to do this!). Thanks so much for everything!

– Madeline

Aiden is now able to read comfortably for the first time! We have seen massive improvements in his school performance over the course of the 6 months of therapy and could not be more thankful for your program!

– Aiden

My reading has really improved as a result of Vision Therapy and my writing has changed so much for the better. I am no longer writing or seeing double words, my printing is neater and I don’t experience the headaches that prompted me to seek treatment in the first place. This was never promised or really even discussed when we started out, but I also generally feel that I can just “see” so much better overall. All my life I have struggled with my balance. Walking into corners, stumbling down stairs and not being able to catch anything that was thrown to me. I am absolutely amazed by how much I have improved in these areas after only 4 months of treatment. I feel so much more balanced, am no longer falling down stairs at all and have been able to confidently catch things for the first time. I always thought I was just naturally clumsy! Your service was just perfect and I am so thankful for all you have done for me!

– Renee

I feel much more comfortable in school and am no longer getting my usual daily headaches.

– Hanna

When Zachary began Vision Therapy 6 months ago he was having a very hard time with reading and schoolwork. It was a constant struggle to get him to stay focused. After beginning Vision Therapy at Okanagan Vision Therapy, we have been nothing short of amazed with his progress and results. He now frequently reads for pleasure and is performing up to his grade level in nearly all academic areas.

Following examination with Dr. Rollett, it became clear that eye tracking was a serious issue for Zachary. We knew that he frequently became discouraged while reading or doing homework and we were finally given a concrete reason and explanation as to why.

We both truly feel this is an excellent program. The benefits we have seen with Zachary over the past 6 months have been incredible and we cannot thank you enough for the time and patience you have with Zachary. Your positive and encouraging approach has ensured his success and is very much appreciated.

Thank you all once again.

– Don & Karie McCaig

Dylan seems to be much more focused reading and not nearly as tired. Tracking letters on paper and on the wall has become much faster.

– Parent

I no longer experience daily dull migraine-like headaches and feel much more comfortable visually at work. My work requires a great deal of computer work and I find I can stay on task for much longer periods of time than before.

– Dan

Dr. Rollett was great and very encouraging to my son. My son now has a positive response to reading.

– Jonah

I feel like my reading has gotten a lot better at school and think that other kids should definitely do Vision Therapy. I really liked the video games!

– Kynan


Areas I feel I have improved are: 1) Being able to read and work at the computer for hours without getting headaches, 2) Depth perception, 3) I know I have strengthened both my eyes as the headaches were there in the beginning of training. Once I got through a few weeks, I noticed the headaches were gone. Thank you all for acknowledging that I had a very real medical condition that with hard work I could see results. Thank you Dr. Rollett for your clinic and for what it offers!

– Tessa

I have been very happy with this experience. It would be hard to think of a valid area of improvement. This is a well layed out clinic and business with EXCELLENT staff. A fun and happy place to be, thank you.

– Tom

Since starting Vision Therapy, I’ve noticed improvements with driving, moving my eyes while walking and walking in general. I’m much less dizzy and regular glasses seem to work much better for me. I have less pain around my eyes, less stress and anxiety and less cognitive challenges. Reading and computer use is so much easier. My depth perception has improved so much. My spatial and body awareness is much better, along with my hand eye coordination. Light sensitivity has improved and I am now so much more confident to go back to work and in life. I am so pleased with my progress, I cannot thank you enough!

– Shaz

I can now read once again (with both eyes!), I can sew, knit, crochet, do jigsaw puzzles, computer work, watch TV. I seldom need my reading glasses anymore. I can drive for longer periods (could only drive for 5 mins or not at all before). My balance has improved. I can hike for up to 2 hours without fatigue. Riding in a car/bus is not as tiring as it was before. My enjoyment of general life has improved exponentially. This has changed my life and I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t gone through Vision Therapy, especially remembering how low functioning I was before I started it. If I have any advice, it would be to continue to educate the public, other health professionals and teachers about the benefits of Vision Therapy!

– Hollie

I now no longer have headaches and have much improved concentration. My reading has improved immensely and I can now actually remember the story line. My memory overall has really improved and my skills on the computer have as well. Keep up the great work. You offer good follow-up and communication throughout the process and your therapists are great!

– Claudie

I can read for a much longer period of time (up to 2 hours now). I can use a computer without pain for a much longer period of time. I can now be in a grocery/other store for up to 15 minutes without with little to no pain (a huge gain for me). I can go out of the house for a few hours without being completely exhausted. I can also tolerate more interaction with people, noise and light. Your program is great – I just wish more GP’s, insurance companies and the general public knew about this service!

– Hollie

I’ve noticed a big improvement in my ability to focus and my attention to detail.

– Kelly

I have definitely seen improvements in the length of time that I can read. I was only able to read for 5-10 minutes at a time and now am up to an hour and can actually remember what I read! It has really helped because I’m now able to get through books, which is something I enjoy. I have also been very impressed with the staff at this office and the sincere concern when dealing with my symptoms.

– Paul

Gains I have found through Vision Therapy: My peripheral vision has returned. My depth perception has improved, at least 80% gains in my opinion. I no longer fall over objects, down stairs, over curbs or walk into people, trees or benches. I can see products in stores, read price tags, and can use Google maps (I couldn’t before). I can now read books again instead of having them in audio form. My headaches are greatly reduced. I feel more confident in doing tasks. I feel more confident about myself as a person. I can finally use my cell phone again, whereas before treatment I wasn’t able to see it or read any instructions. For me personally, I can’t find anything that needs improvement in your program. The staff were great at what they do. The program was certainly hard, but so worth the work required.

– Sandra

Following Vision Therapy, my computer time has improved to over 2 hours from just 20 minutes before. My driving tolerance has improved to 8 hours, which is the best it has ever been. My tolerance for noisy environments in also much better (restaurants, parties, music). No complaints at all about your program. Very impressed with the clinic and so glad you are here!

– Al

My eyesight has improved and the glasses have definitely helped me while I’m healing. My therapist Rhonda and Doctor Rollett have also helped with my anxiety greatly, very kind and always explaining what is happening as I get better. I really appreciate the care given here, as the team take the anxiety and emotional state that the impaired vision has created into account at every session. Thank you very much. I leave every visit feeling good.

– Bob

Vision Therapy was the best thing that has happened for me during my recovery. It was really what has allowed me to go back to work so quickly. The building of exercises and activities that I did really did help me to get better. I would highly recommend this therapy to anyone who may be suffering with vision problems similar to the ones I had. The therapist Rhonda was excellent, patient and kind and Dr. Rollett was top notch.

– Chrystyanne

First of all, I want to thank Dr. Rollett and Loreta for their highly professional help in restoring my vision. As a result of the Vision Therapy and daily training I feel the following improvements: My ocular muscles have become much stronger and it is now possible for them to cooperate and work together. It has become much easier for me to read and not always lose my place and my line. I am reading much faster than when I started your therapy program. Before I started I would get constant headaches and blurry vision any time I tried to read. If I could give you any advice I would say for you to continue doing things exactly as you are – you are all doing a wonderful job!

– Tatiana

I am able to track much eyes much better at close range. The double vision is improving immensely and I’m able to now read for much longer. I’m also able to work on the computer for longer without getting a headache. My depth perception is improving as well, and I’m more confident driving because my peripheral awareness is much better. I’ve also noticed that my symptoms of nausea are greatly reduced. I think you all are offering a top notch service and you are all excellent at what you do!

– Debbie

Prior to coming to Vision Therapy I was very dizzy and it felt that my eyes and brain were “out of sync” with each other. There was a delay in my processing and interpretation of my surrounding environment. My dizziness also affected my balance and spatial awareness and made it extremely challenging/difficult to just do daily activities. When I began my Vision Therapy sessions it was really profound to me how much my eyes/brain were affected after my concussion. The opportunity to work within the Vision Therapy program gave me the ability to utilize the staff’s areas of expertise in order for me to improve the various symptoms I was experiencing as a result of my concussion. It was a program which enabled me to regain my independence and reduce my symptoms immensely. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to utilize this program because I am well aware this is not accessible to everyone.

Thank you so much to everyone for assisting during my recovery. The staff here are so professional, friendly and were always very positive. The fact that the staff were so positive gave me the hope which I need that my concussion symptoms were going to improve.

Thanks again to everyone!

– Lynn

Overall I feel my vision has greatly improved since the first check up with Dr. Rollett. I don’t get as much eye twitching and my eyes feel much better at work. Also, with the help of the eye glasses prescribed by Dr. Rollett, my eyes seem much more relaxed overall. I can’t think of anything you need to do to improve. Your clinic is doing a great job already! Thank you very much.

– Cassidy

Vision Therapy has been extremely helpful for allowing me to work for much longer periods of time (now up to 8 hours). My ability to read without symptoms flaring up has greatly improved and my ability to hold words in place (when reading or on the computer) has improved so much as well. I feel that my eyes are now working significantly better together – words are clearer in general and I almost never see double anymore. All of the movement that I was seeing on the page before is now gone.

– Lois

I’ve seen major improvements in my eye’s ability to focus and team together and have learned how to make them work properly when they just wouldn’t before. Thanks so much Dr. Rollett and Loreta!

– Sarah

When I began this program I was really struggling with not being able to concentrate while doing just about anything. Now, I am able to focus my eyes without feeling pulling or feeling any tension. I don’t feel any pain in class anymore either. I am very thankful to everyone here for helping me so much with my eyes. Everything about your service was perfect to me and went very smoothly. Thank you!

– Nicole

The biggest change I’ve noticed is that my headaches have practically disappeared! I rarely see double anymore and the odd time I do, I can easily correct it. Thanks for everything!

– Marina

When I was finally able to reach the 5th chapter of my book for the first time in months, I was flooded with tears. As a professional engineer, reading documents and drawings and comprehending what I read is vital. After my accident my eyes were not working together and after 1-2 minutes of reading my eyes hurt and a headache started.

Through my 10 weeks of Vision Therapy, my eyes have been retrained using all the valuable techniques shown to me by Rhonda. I am now able to read for over an hour with no sore eyes or headache! I am thrilled and eager to keep improving as I get back to work. Thank you so much for everything!

– Lisa Bloomfield

I chose Dr Rollett for his experience in Vision Therapy in relation to brain injury. After seven months of not being able to drive after a head injury, Dr Rollett felt I was ready to try driving again after only 4 weeks of Vision Therapy! I have now been driving again for two weeks and it is amazing to have my independence back again.

Dr Rollett is amazing! Very knowledgeable, professional and caring. He provided excellent care with my vision exam, vitreous detachment and my vision therapy appointments. He has given me hope. Jennifer is also excellent, extremely helpful and kind. Thank you both!

So far, through Vision Therapy I have been able to get back on the road after being unable to do so for 7 months. Vision Therapy has also given me hope that I will be able to read comfortably once again. Dr. Rollett is extremely knowledgeable, kind, professional and has a great sense of humour. He has really helped me rebuild confidence in myself and to move forward with my VT and healing my brain. The constant feedback while doing VT is extremely helpful, and the setup of the VT room is excellent, well organized and comfortable to be in. The staff are always very friendly, welcoming and helpful – I really feel part of a team with Dr. Rollett and no longer feel alone on this vision healing journey. Unfortunately however, every time I hear 5,6,7,8 I will think of Dr. Rollett and how he needs to work on his dance skills 🙂

– Elaine Lamb

The proof is in the pudding – by week two I noticed a difference; by week 3 my husband noticed I was making eye contact; and by week 8 I have resumed most of my daily activities. My motivation and dedication came from all the positive reinforcement and normalizing Dr. Rollett gave me! Your staff are friendly, professional and always have a smile for you. I have nothing but sincere gratitude for your time and services.

– Christina

Vision therapy was very essential in the recovery from my head injury. Gradual Vision Therapy/retraining my eyes at the same time as symptom management has given me immense gains and an understanding of what my present limitations are. At this point I see no areas of needed improvement in your service. It was a fantastic experience – thank you very much!

– Chris Weber

Vision Therapy has been helpful for improving my balance and for getting me to start feeling like I’m using my two eyes together again. My visual focus still occasionally blurs in and out, but not nearly as much as when I started.

– Morgan

Completing Vision Therapy has given me tools that have allowed me to go back to work for the first time. I feel as though my ability to process visual information and my comfort level while reading and on the computer has greatly improved. In addition, I actually now feel that I am able to “see” everything around me while driving and feel totally comfortable behind the wheel once again. Thank you so much!

– Lana

My reading and balance have greatly improved as a result of Vision Therapy. I am finally able to drive once again! More doctors truly need to be made aware of this program.

– Lonna

While I do still intermittently experiences moments of double vision, I feel that I now have much greater control of my eyes. The constant frontal headaches and discomfort have reduced greatly. I used to have issues with shoulder checking in a vehicle and transitioning from looking far to my dash, but this is no longer a problem for me.

– Dustin

After completing Vision Therapy I am finding driving to be much more manageable. I am having less headaches and feel much more comfortable and safe on the road – I feel much more aware of my surroundings as well. Computer work and reading is also easier and I find that Vision Therapy has reduced my symptoms while performing these tasks – especially in conjunction with the blue filter lenses. I have also found an improvement tolerating fluorescent lights, but still prefer the cool white LED’s that were recommended to me by Dr. Rollett. I want to thank you Dr. Rollett and Rhonda for accommodating me and working with me to get the best out of my sessions when I didn’t know where else to turn. Thank you for everything!

– Kerri Ford

I feel I can read longer and use my eyes much more comfortably every day. Vision Therapy has helped for things like seeing in the car, tolerating movement and busy scenes. I now know what I can continue to work on and how to do it. Thank you for all of your help, patience and encouragement. You are a great team and offer the best experience possible.

– Nichole

Since starting Vision Therapy, I have been able to do more work on my computer and spend much more time reading comfortably. I now generally feel that I have more control over my eyes (ie: converging, diverging). As a note, it has been really nice to be given an active approach towards improving my condition and not simply waiting and hoping that it will improve.

– Dan

Thank you for all of your time and your efforts. Since beginning Vision Therapy I have noticed much less double vision while reading and am not seeing words jump, swim or float on the page as I did before. I am now able to tolerate computer work for an hour at a time and have begun working with spreadsheets and numbers – something I was far from being able to do before starting this therapy.

Vision Therapy has been the most challenging part of my recovery and the most important. Even though I am still battling occasional headaches and vasovagal symptoms, I can now read again and that is everything to me. Not only can I read, but I am better able to recall what I’ve read and work with that information.

Thank you so much!

– Heather

I have seen a difference in the fatigue I feel in my eyes and the extent that my symptoms come on has improved too. On a personal note, having the feedback and knowledge from Dr. Rollett has been very beneficial to me throughout this therapy for peace of mind in my recovery. Very helpful so far – thank you!

– Stacey

Since beginning Vision Therapy I have been able to tolerate reading and computer tasks for the first time. It has helped me gain control of my drifting right eye and both eyes now seem to be tracking well together.

– Chris


Dante’s vision has improved greatly close up and he is able to focus a lot better. Things are no longer blurry for him far away either!

– Dante

I can finally read street signs at first glance and not have them go double on me! I really feel that overall my vision has strengthened a great deal.

– Cindy

I’m now able to easily control both of my eyes and stop my double vision if it occurs. I feel that I’m a much better multitasker now and have had a large decrease in the number of headaches that I get. My eyes are much less sore when reading for long periods of time – which is extremely helpful being in University.

– Valentina

Kailian’s printing and handwriting have improved immensely. He also seems to be able to stay on task much more than he has ever been able to. His newfound willingness to try new things and tackle new problems at school as well as at home is what I am most impressed with!

– Mom

The biggest change we’ve seen with Maia is that she is now an AVID reader. She won’t go to bed at night because she can’t put her books down! To go from being a child who disliked reading several months ago to this is incredible!

– Mom

I was thrilled when I learned that Dr. Rollett had joined Lake Country Optometry and would be practicing developmental vision therapy there. Our 12 year old daughter has strabismus (misaligned eyes) and the local ophthalmologist had recommended eye muscle surgery. After researching the surgery, I wasn’t convinced surgery was the best route in her situation and I learned that quite often 2 or 3 surgeries are the norm. Eye muscle surgery can be wonderful for aligning the eyes cosmetically; however I learned that the brain needs to be trained for the eyes to learn to work together, especially after years of only viewing the world through one eye or the other. This was the case with my daughter – she was an “alternator” – when the brain gets mixed messages it learns to shut out the image from one eye and use the other image. This affects depth perception and stereopsis.

I started reading about vision therapy and the great results that it can achieve. At the time there was no vision therapist in the Okanagan. We made a trip to a vision therapist in the Lower Mainland who confirmed to us that he believed that our daughter could benefit from vision therapy. So when I Googled Okanagan Vision Therapy one day out of the blue and Dr. Paul Rollett’s name came up I was thrilled. He responded to my inquiries right away and I booked my daughter for an assessment. Dr. Rollett is very enthusiastic and relates well with my daughter. She loves him! After the assessment Dr. Rollett said he believed that vision therapy would be very helpful and we started right away.

My daughter has now had 12 sessions with Dr. Rollett once per week and her binocular vision has greatly improved. She enjoys her sessions very much. She does her “homework” exercises for about 20 minutes a day about 5 days a week. She now will visit Dr. Rollett every few months for “maintenance”. We are very pleased with our daughter’s results from vision therapy and with our experience at Lake Country Optometry and Dr. Rollett.

– The Bray Family

I am now no longer seeing double, unless I want to ☺

– Lukas

I feel this program has been very useful to me. I am no longer seeing double, even when I remove my glasses. Thank you so much for all of your help.

– Peter

Not knowing what to expect with Vision Therapy, and thinking this would be a long process to effect change, I was pleasantly surprised that I can see results myself in my little guy, with less wandering of the eye and both eyes “working as a team”.

Dr Rollett was extremely patient and answered my many questions throughout the Therapy so I fully understood what the vision deficiencies were and how the exercise was addressing them. More importantly, he quickly came to know and understand the inherent limitations of my 7 year old around attention span and compliance. It was enjoyable to see the rapport they quickly built together, and every session was varied and interesting and fun for my guy. All the while working hard to achieve results. Of the utmost importance, he looked forward to his weekly sessions, and was pleased and proud when Dr Rollett praised him for working so hard at the appointment and with his daily homework.

Summing up, I am so grateful that we have access to such a wonderful program in our community.

– Danny Wilson


For us personally, we all absolutely appreciate the program you provided to Mathew. After months of doing what I do with nutrition and supplements, plus many sessions with acupuncture, chiro, massage, physio, brain gym, etc, he just wasn’t improving visually and he was very frustrated and angry.

His improvement after working with your program and team was incredible and I know that nothing else could have made that same improvement for him visually and even focus wise. Knowing that he is even better now visually and more confident than before the accident makes this so much more of a blessing for us. To be honest, I was hesitant to commit due to the cost at the very beginning. However, the testing and information you gave us about where he was at helped us decide to give it a try in hopes that it would be the missing key. We are all more than extremely satisfied with our experience and improvements for Mathew. To not have him complain and suffer regarding his vision is beyond words.

Now that his sessions are over, he still does the exercises every now and then and comes out of the office with a huge smile and announces he is still beating his previous bests. That is huge for him to still see results getting better, even months after the last session. Thank you!

We have told our other care providers about Mathew’s experience with you and the vision therapy, and they were very interested due to his improvements. I am sure you will hear from them as I know our chiropractor had some clients he felt would also benefit and was sending your way.

– Matthew

Much easier to read, better focus, vision in sports has improved, eye exhaustion has lessened a lot.

– Matthew

I feel that I have made massive improvements in how I use my eyes, both in school and with sports. I wouldn’t say you need to change anything about your program, everything was amazing and helped lots.

– Connor

I feel like my hand-eye coordination has greatly improved, as well as my ability to track and focus on objects in the distance.

– Raiden

Since performing Vision Therapy, Zachary has found reading to be easier and faster, he has improved his skills throwing and catching a ball and is generally nowhere near as “clumsy” as before.

– Zack

After 3 sessions of Vision Therapy, I already feel that my driving has greatly improved. I can now comfortably drive for 1-2 hours, whereas before I was needing to pull over every 10-15 minutes. I also feel that my balance has improved greatly and as a surprise bonus, my comfort on the golf course is better than it has been in a decade – I’m actually keeping my balance through my swing! Thanks so much for everything!

– Matthew

I feel like my reading has gotten a lot better and am now able to catch a ball for the first time. I feel like I have much more control of my eyes and if I lose focus can just blink and it comes back.

– Ben